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Bags for dachsund made in italy

We love and care for beautiful things and quality: our bags are 100% made in Italy, we worked hard to find the best materials and the most expert craftsmen to make our bags, testing them many times, patenting them to be sure that we were offering an extraordinary product.

With its simple and minimalistic shape, our bag can be used anywhere since it was designed to offer both your dachshund and yourself unbeatable comfort. This is why we worked to create the best possible solution to allow you to always be together with your best pawed friend.

Every single component, as well as the production of the bags, is the result of a careful research made across the “Bel Paese” (Italy). We were looking for realities and expert hands that could help us creating a bag with all the passion and care that distinguishes every Italian product; the same passion and love we put into taking care of our extra-ordinary friends.


Hooks, buckles and snap-hooks are made of acetal resin (POM) or Nylon 6 (PA6), chosen for its excellent mechanical strength and impact-resistance, even under extreme conditions. All shapes are rounded, with no sharp edges to guarantee the maximum level of safety.

We use high-strength ribbons made of polyester (HT), and ribbons made of 100% regenerated cotton.

Bag fabric
We decided to begin our manufacturing with four different materials: Cordura 1100 Ditex to create a “technical”-like bag, cotton for a breathable bag, net nylon HT bag for the hottest season with the smallest footprint and leather to give a timeless look to our products. Cordura is designed to guarantee maximum resistance to abrasion, tearing, and perforation, while still being comfortable. Because of these properties it’s widely used for technical clothing especially for hiking, snorkeling, and motorcycling gear. Our cotton is made specifically for bags, guaranteeing good resistance and comfort thanks to its high quality and easy maintenance.
Our High Tenacity polyester mesh is used for army equipment’s thanks of his characteristics of high resistance, lightness and comfort.
Our bag’s leather is mainly purchased from outlets that collect unused leather from other Maisons and manufacturers. This is why we won’t be able to always guarantee all colors and textures. However, we can offer you a unique bag without depending on others’ production timelines, in a more sustainable way.

Padding and covering pillows
For the pillows’ paddings we use expanded polyethylene, which guarantees comfort to your friend; the upholstery of the pillows is in polyester, allowing you to wash it in the washing machine without them losing softness and comfort.


We do our best to make our business as sustainable as possible, never stopping to look for new solutions that go further in this direction. We realize more and more the value of longevity! Two green produced products are still more harmful than a durable, longer lasting one.

This is why Ugo bags are built to last: their high quality materials and design allowing you to adjust the size of the bag to the size of your puppy, make it a very durable product.

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