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The Backpack
for adventures

If you are a mountains and hicking lover, but also for all the occasions you need your hands free and more balance. If you are looking for a dachshund carrier backback that is equally practical for you and perfect for the wellbeing of your sausage dog.

Ugo Backpack is the carrier for your needs: the movements are long and toughs, your dachshund  must be safe.

Ugo shopping bag

The City
for urban explorers

If you are the ones who as soon as you have a free weekend set off to discover the capital of the world or the small city. If you want a carrier bag for your dachshund not only functional, but even stylish to ensure the wellbeing of your weiner between the discovery of a restaurant and an exhibition.

Ugo City is the dachshund carrier bag for you: the moments of rest for your doxie can be long and you don’t have to give up comfort and style.

Ugo city bags
Ugo shopping bag

The Shopping
for a stylish stroll

If you go with your sausage dog wherever in your everyday life, our prêt-à-porter carrier bag model fit for you. The most classical model, practical, stylish and, of course, thought for your dachshund comfort.

Ugo Shopping is the carrier dachshund bag that fits for you, to quickly put your doxie in and out of the bag, according to your daily route on the public transports, in the shops, etc.

Ugo city bags
Ugo shopping bag