Thermoregulatory Kit

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To make our bags even more comfortable, during the summer season, we suggest to use the thermoregulatory membrane* that helps keep your dachshund body temperature constant and attracts heat, releasing a pleasent sensation of freshness without wetting the fur. Active for up to ten hours, it is also adopted in veterinary clinics for its effectiveness and reliability.

The thermoregulatory membrane kit consists of:
• the patented Membrane BCool;
• the waterproof lining to contain the membrane;
• the linen cover set.

NB: Please note that the membrane needs the linen cover set to be used;
this kit contains the membrane plus the cover set: you have to choose the size and the color of that one.


* We relied on Bullfit Fashion’s exclusive and patented BCool tchnology and products.

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The membrane is antibacterial and machine washable at 40 degrees with neutral soap. Wash separately. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. Please note that the membrane is tested upon 50 washes.

Avoid to wash the waterproof lining to preserve the characteristics. If necessary, wash it by hand with neutral soap.

Wash your linen cover set with a delicate cycle at max 40°. Wash separately. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry.

The first time you use the membrane, immerse it in water for at least 1 minute, wring it out and let it dry completely.
Once this first simple step has been completed, only before the first use, you can proceed as indicated below:
1)Wet the membrane adequately, squeeze it well so that it does not drip and place it inside its waterproof lining.
2) Place it over the pIllow’s base and use the linen cover set to stop it on the cushion.
3) Use your Ugo bag and its accessories as usual: when your dachshund will be inside the bag, the membrane will activate itself if/when necessary.

Designed for brachycephalic dogs, who often struggle with heat due to their short muzzle, B-Cool by Bullfit Fashion’s offers a perfect solution for your dachshund too. B-Cool helps to keep the dog’s body temperature constant, releasing a pleasant sensation of freshness without wetting the fur, thanks to the waterproof lining that contains it. The membrane activates and deactivates independently based on your dachshund’s body temperature.
Please, always remember that the first rule to avoid heatstroke is common sense: during the hottest hours/days the coolness of your home is the best solution for you and your dachshund. Don’t put your furry friend in danger.

Hand Made in linen pre-washed fabric, it is made to cover the pillow of you bag and guarantee more comfort to you dachshund during the hottest days.

Choose the M size if your Ugo bag is an M size bag and the L size for your Ugo bag in L size.