Ugo city bags

Ugo (You go) is the first brand which makes dog carrier bags based on the comfort and health of dachshund dogs.
It’s ideal for responsible owners who care about the needs of their long pals, who are looking for an accessory that respects the body shape and the personality of this extra-ordinary breed,
all in a contemporary style.

One bag…

An enveloping shape cuddles the dog just like its owner’s hug and an innovative rigid base sustains the dog throughout its back’s length avoiding stress and pain. A pillow sustains the snout while it looks around with curiosity without taking on an incorrect posture.

100% Made in Italy: an innovative design, ethically sourced quality materials and artisanal handcrafting are Ugo’s strengths.
All the models are patented, every single component is the result of a thorough research among the best Italian suppliers; every single bag is made and tested by expert hands to guarantee the best comfort, resistance and excellent quality.

…3 ways to carry it:

The base model is the same, you only have to choose the handling according to your main use. All the bags are equipped with an external pocket, safety lace and net.


It’s conceived for the long and challenging hikes, or for any other situation where you’ll need hands free and more balance.
The shoulder straps design allows you, by simply crossing them, to wear it conveniently in the front, or on the back. Two unfastening hooks allow you to close the backpack once your friend’s lying inside.


A cross body bag for mini and kanichen dachshunds, that allows your hands to be free, while having the easiness to wear thanks to the adjustable crossbody strap. Unfastening hook to close the City bag once your friend is lying inside.


It’s inspired by an everyday shopping bag. The adjustable handles are purposely made to allow you to carry it at your preferred length, leaving the outer one a little longer, in order for the bottom to be horizontal.

All our models come in 4 material variants





Mini, Standard or Kanichen?

S 45 cm – 55 cm
M 55 cm – 45 cm
L 65 cm – 75 cm

The Shopping and City bags are avilable for kanichen and mini dachshunds;
the backpack is available for kanichen, mini and standard dachshunds.


All our models come with: our special foldable metallic base*; a pillow for the base and another one for the snout. You can purchase separately a case to bring the bag once it’s folded. 

We designed and produced this patended RIGID BASE that BENDS but DOESN’T FLEX , your “sausage dog” will always be relaxed and fully supported, and his back won’t undergo any stress.

How to wear Ugo backpack

  • R Insert the rigid base in the cover and attach the snout pillow.
  • RPull the cords and pass them through the spaces provided.
  • RCross the shoulder straps behind your back and close the buckles or wear it like a backpack without crossing the straps.
  • RAdd the puppy while pulling the net part towards you, close the buckles.
  • RAdjust the length of the straps so that the rigid support is in a horizontal position.

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