Backpack – Mesh

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The shoulder straps design allows you, by simply crossing them, to wear it conveniently in the front, to have your puppy always in sight, or on the back; you choose the way that suits your needs best!

Two unfastening hooks allow you to quickly close the backpack once your friend’s inside: the laces must be tied so that the bottom is in a horizontal position. Equipped with an external pocket. The Backpack comes with:

  • Pillow: for the base and muzzle
  • Rigid base: made in a special aluminum that folds but does’t flex.

Material: High Tenacity polyester mesh
Color available: Black

Is your Daschsund a standard one? Please check his size here.

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Wash your bag by hand or in the washing machine with an extra-delicate cycle at max 30°. Do not use fabric softener and dry it away from sources of heat and direct light. Please note that HT Polyester is a technical fabric, and many washes can compromise its characteristics: use an appropriate detergent.

Rigid Base
Made in a special aluminum (185 gr), it measures 48×14 cm when it’s open to support your long friend; once folded it shrinks to 25×14 cm to easily fit in the case.
XL model: it weight approximately 230 gr; it measures 58×17 cm opened and 35×17 cm folded

Base pillow: makes the bag more comfortable.
Muzzle pillow: to be with the muzzle in the open air.

Safety options
Safety lace for the collar.
Safety net that closes with a specific zipper.

Lenght, when open is 62 cm; when it is close, with the puppy inside is more or less 58 cm.
Height adjustable 20-23 cm (the maximum circumference is more or less 65cm).

XL model: the lenght when is open is 70cm; when it is close, with the doxie inside, is more or less 65cm.
Height adjustable: 23-25 cm (the maximum circumference is more or less 75cm).

A miniature dachshund or a standard dachshund puppy (up to 3/6 months based on the sex and dimensions); for adults’ standard dachshunds we suggest the XL model. All the bags are tested up to 15kg. Please, for the right size/measure check the info here.

Please note that this is an artisanal product and little differences are not considered a defect.

Which bag’s size for my dachshund?
Please note that in general, we suggest the XL model for standard dachshunds: the weight is not a problem for the bags (tested up to 15kg), but the lenght of your furry friend is really important for his and your comfort.

How to measure your dachsund

To correctly measure your dachshund:

  • wait when he/she is fully lying on the ground, elonged.
  • measure the lenght from the nose till the tail’s base.

If the lenght is more than 65cm, your dachshund needs an XL model (available backpack model only).

PS: we made only the backpack model in XL size, because your back is important too!

Click here to download the use instructions of our Ugo Backpack bag.