There are many reasons why your dachshund needs to be carried, and they’re not about spoiling your dog:

  • we wish it would never happen, but even dogs get old. We often don’t even realize it because they’re incurably playful, but with age they get tired more easily, and this affects their mobility.
  • on the other side, puppies also get tired, and walks/hikes may turn into a struggle, making it necessary for you to carry them; in that case the solution of a bag, allows their socialization and learning process to continue; your dog will be exposed to the same sounds, noises and smells but in a completely relaxing way.
  • unfortunately, dogs can be subject to illnesses: but when it happens, carrying your dog around, even if he’s not walking, stimulates him mentally and lowers his stress levels.
  • if you live in the city, they’ll take different public transports with you, and especially in those countries where they are required to travel in a bag.

But what makes a bag / backpack safe for carrying a dachshund?

  • Doesn’t hurt them while they are being carried
  • It is comfortable and secure, so they don’t wiggle around or fall
  • Doesn’t put stress on their spine since they are laying horizontally, and their body is fully supported