With the first collection of Ugo’s bags, the founder and designer, Alessia Cosseddu, aims for the well-being and comfort of dachshunds. Its design takes into consideration this breed’s needs in every model: from the one more suited for city walks to the backpack for the most demanding hikes – the key is the attention to the shape and personality of this breed. Always without forgetting the practicality and style of the owner. The bags, all patented, have an enveloping shape to make the dachshund feels safe just like its owner’s hug – and an innovative aluminum base that supports it throughout its length avoiding unnecessary stress in the back. A pillow sustains the snout while it looks around with curiosity without taking on an incorrect posture.

100% Made in Italy: an innovative design, ethically sourced quality materials and artisanal handcrafting are Ugo’s strengths. Every single component is the result of a thorough research among the best Italian suppliers; every single bag is made and tested by expert hands to guarantee the best comfort, resistance and excellent quality.

“When Ugo, my mini wire haired dachshund, came into my life, I couldn’t find a carrier bag that suited him and allowed me to carry him with me everywhere easily. I bought dozens of them. In the end, I realized that a carrier bag suitable for him could only be designed taking in consideration his needs. After this first step, I had to think about my own practicality and pleasure of wearing it. From our mutual needs comes its long and enveloping shape, a rigid bottom that remains perfectly horizontal under its weight – it’s also foldable so that you can stow it away with ease in the supplied handy tote bag or backpack, avoiding unnecessary clutter when the dachshund is running around free…Just think of those who use public transport: the dog is in the bag for the journey only, but the burden of the bag remains even once you get off the bus and is often bulky…”.

When people say: “But dachshunds are a niche market”, I answer: “Of course, but they are an important niche, especially if you consider that there isn’t (wasn’t) a carrier bag designed especially for them: responsible humans know they have an extra ordinary dog, with specific needs. In addition, for its characteristics it is a bag that is well suited to all chondrostrophic breeds”.

In November 2022 Ugo opened the sale of its products on the website www.ugofordogs.com.
Three models: a Backpack, a Shoulder Bag and the classic Shopping Bag.
Four versions: Cordura, Canvas, Leather and Mesh.
Cover sets and tote bags to match, in addition to the new size XL for standard dachshunds who do not want to be alone at home.


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